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 Nazi UFOs  legends

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Schriever "Flugkreisel"The Schriever Story

The first would-be inventor of a German "flying saucer". More than Belluzzo, he launched the concept of man-made UFOs by the Nazis. Like Beluzzo he died just a few years after his claims and ... the mistery begins!

Original Belluzzo interviewGiuseppe Belluzzo

Did he start up the whole Nazi "flying saucer" saga ? An Italian turbine engineer claims, before Schriever, that "flying saucers" were Italian blueprints, later passed to Germans!

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Sketch of the Miethe "disc" The Miethe Story

The faboulous "V-7" comes to life and the real saga has begun. Now we have even the purported pictures of the 1944 Nazi "flying saucers".

Klein, Epp and the Others

After Schriever and Miethe here they are a group of other wanna-be "fathers" of Nazi UFOs. The legend is becoming larger and larger and there is space for more people claiming hard-to-believe stories.

The Story becomes even Wilder

Now the Germans (secret SS detachments and secret societies) have even built inter-stellar spaceships to go to Aldebaran, 63 light-years from here. Such purported Nazi flying saucers are just taken from the late contactee G.Adamski's photographs.

Alleged German "flying saucer" with gun turret!Pictures of the Dreams

To feed the Nazi UFO claims some more "hard evidence" was necessary. So some pictures started to come up: blurry and unclear but thanks to a German black cross, they were the ultimate proof  for the Nazi "flying saucers".

Renato VescoVesco's First Book (Italian edition)

This Italian aeronautical technician claimed modern "flying saucers" are the Anglo-Canadian development of very advanced German projects, namely the circular unmanned crafts "Feuerball" and "Kugelblitz". Both of them were in the prototype stage and maybe they were even flown-tested just at the end of the war. Vesco and his seemingly impressive documentation have been often used by many later authors in order to try to substantiate their empty claims.

A Gallery of Newsclippings

NewsclippingsStarting from the very first press articles of 1950, a lot of newspapers and magNewsclippingsazines all around the world published odd news and stories related to the alleged "Nazi flying saucers". Here you can find a preliminary gallery of newsclippings, a nice example of how such a highly controversial subject was covered by the media.